.::Chance to Live - Darrell Hansen::.

"Chance To Live" Powerful words to go with a powerful new release by Darrell Hansen. Millions have been slaughtered in this country alone because of this sin of convenience. What kind of people would mislead mommies and daddies into destroying what should be their most prized possession, next to their eternal soul?
"I just wanted to write a song on behalf of the "little guys" who have no voice and are routinely killed by the people who should love them most. I just want to put this song out there for them, you know, to be the voice of those who have no voice.

Your baby is a part of you. It's your own flesh and blood. The baby wants to feel your love but instead feels cold hard steel and saline solution!

Although I had written "Chance To Live", I feel I am not the author. I was simply an instrument used to pen the words and deliver the words and melody in song. I sat down and just started writing. The words just kept coming. Satan is not pro-life, so I can only assume that the words came directly from the "author and finisher of our faith" through the Holy Spirit. I believe music to be spiritual, so I seek God's face in prayer before writing music. I have proven Him intimately involved in my life over and over again. Lord help us to trust you more. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!" (Darrell Hansen)

There are several methods of performing the abortion procedure. The babies are either "sucked" out of the by procedures called "Suction Aspiration" or "Menstrual Extraction". Or the baby is "cut out" or "cut to pieces" in procedures know as "Dilation and Evacuation", "Hysterectomy", or "Dilation and Curettage". Then there is the "Saline Abortion" and the "Urea Abortion" where the baby is poisoned.

Then there is the "Prostaglandin Abortion" and the "Abortion Pill( RU-486)" designed to either induce premature birth or miscarriage.

I want to mention the "Partial Birth Abortion (D&X), which I believe is now banned in this country, just to show you the evil spirit that is behind abortion.

"After dilating the cervix for two days, the abortionist uses ultrasound to locate the fetus' legs. One leg is pulled into the vagina with forceps, them the other leg and torso are delivered by hand. The head of the fetus remains in the uterus. Using a blunt-tipped surgical scissor in a closed position, the abortionist pierces the fetus' head at the base of the skull, and then opens the scissors to enlarge the hole. A suction catheter is inserted into the womb and the skull contents are vacuumed out. The corpse is then pulled completely from the mother's body."

Darrell Hansen