.::I'll Be Home By Spring - Darrell Hansen::.

My son, who is in the US Air Force, told me a story about a young man who was being deployed to Iraq. He said he will never forget the look in the young man's face. This man was holding his three year old son who didn't want his daddy to leave, sensing the danger his father was entering into. The little boy kept crying, "Don't go daddy! Don't go!" The young man's wife had to pull the little boy from his father's arms. As the mother and her son walked away the son continued to cry, "Don't go daddy! Don't go!" As the father turned around, there were tears streaming down his face. The look in that man's face was etched into my son's permanent memory that day.

It inspired me to write this song. It is entitled, "I'll Be Home By Spring." Hope you enjoy it.

Darrell Hansen